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History and Background of the Kashmir Conflict

Kashmir, officially referred to as Jammu and Kashmir, is an 86,000-square-mile region (about the size of Idaho) in northwest India and northeast Pakistan so breathtaking in physical beauty that Mugal ​(or Moghul) emperors in the 16th and 17th century considered it an earthly paradise. The region has been violently disputed by India and Pakistan since their 1947 partition, which created Pakistan as the Muslim counterpart to Hindu-majority India. History of Kashmir After centuries of Hindu and Buddhist rule, Muslim Moghul emperors took control of Kashmir in the 15th century, converted the population to Islam and incorporated it into the Moghul empire. Islamic Moghul rule should not be confused with modern forms of authoritarian Islamic regimes. The Moghul empire, characterized by the likes of Akbar the Great (1542-1605) embodied Enlightenment ideals of tolerance and pluralism a century before the rise of the European Enlightenment. (Moghuls left their mark on the subsequent Sufi-inspired form of Islam that dominated the subcontinent in India and Pakistan, before the rise of more jihadist-inspired Islamist mullahs.) Afghan invaders followed the Moghuls in the 18th century, who were themselves driven out by Sikhs from Punjab. Britain invaded in the 19th century and sold the entire Kashmir Valley for half a million rupees (or three rupees per Kashmiri) to the brutal repressive ruler of Jammu, the Hindu Gulab Singh. It was under Singh that the Kashmir Valley became part of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The 1947 India-Pakistan Partition and Kashmir India and Pakistan were partitioned in 1947. Kashmir was split as well, with two-thirds going to India and a third going to Pakistan, even though Indias share was predominantly Muslim, like Pakistan. Muslims rebelled. India repressed them. War broke out. It wasnt settled until a 1949 cease-fire brokered by the United Nations and a resolution calling for a referendum, or plebiscite, allowing Kashmiris to decide their future for themselves. India has never implemented the resolution. Instead, India has maintained what amounts to an occupying army in Kashmir, cultivating more resentment from the locals than fertile agricultural products. Modern Indias founders—Jawaharlal Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi—both had Kashmiri roots, which partially explains Indias attachment to the region. To India, Kashmir for the Kashmiris means nothing. Indian leaders standard line is that Kashmir is an integral part of India. In 1965, India and Pakistan fought their second of three major wars since 1947 over Kashmir. The United States was largely to blame for setting the stage for war. The cease-fire three weeks later was not substantial beyond a demand that both sides put down their arms and a pledge to send international observers to Kashmir. Pakistan renewed its call for a referendum by Kashmirs mostly Muslim population of 5 million to decide the regions future, in accordance with a 1949 UN resolution. India continued to resist conducting such a plebiscite. The 1965 war, in sum, settled nothing and merely put off future conflicts. (Read more about the Second Kashmir War.) The Kashmir-Taliban Connection With the rise to power of Muhammad Zia ul Haq (the dictator was president of Pakistan from 1977 to 1988), Pakistan began its slump toward Islamism. Zia saw in Islamists a mean of consolidating and maintaining his power. By patronizing the cause of anti-Soviet Mujahideens in Afghanistan beginning in 1979, Zia curried and won Washingtons favor--and tapped into massive quantities of cash and weaponry the United States channeled through Zia to feed the Afghan insurgency. Zia had insisted that he be the conduit of arms and weaponry. Washington conceded. Zia diverted large amounts of cash and weaponry to two pet projects: Pakistans nuclear-weapons program, and developing an Islamist fighting force that would subcontract the fight against India in Kashmir. Zia largely succeeded at both. He financed and protected armed camps in Afghanistan that trained militants whod be used in Kashmir. And he supported the rise of a hard-core Islamist corps in Pakistani Madrassas and in Pakistans tribal areas that would exert Pakistans influence in Afghanistan and Kashmir. The corps name: The Taliban. Thus, the political and militant ramifications of recent Kashmiri history are  intimately connected with the rise of Islamism in northern and western Pakistan, and in Afghanistan. Kashmir Today According to a Congressional Research Service report, Relations between Pakistan and India remain deadlocked on the issue of Kashmiri sovereignty, and a separatist rebellion has been underway in the region since 1989. Tensions were extremely high in the wake of the Kargil conflict of 1999 when an incursion by Pakistani soldiers led to a bloody six-week-long battle. Tensions over Kashmir rose dangerously in fall 2001, forcing then-Secretary of State Colin Powell to de-escalate tensions in person. When a bomb exploded in the Indian Jammu and Kashmir state assembly and an armed band assaulted the Indian Parliament in New Delhi later that year, India mobilized 700,000 troops, threatened war, and provoked Pakistan into mobilizing its forces. American intervention compelled then-Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, who had been particularly instrumental in further militarizing Kashmir, provoking the Kargil war there in 1999, and facilitating Islamist terrorism subsequently, in January 2002 vowed to end the presence of terrorist entities on Pakistani soil. He promised to ban and eliminate terrorist organizations, including Jemaah Islamiyah, Lashkar-e-Taiba, and Jaish-e-Mohammed. Musharrafs pledges, as always, proved empty. Violence in Kashmir continued. In May 2002, an attack on an Indian army base at Kaluchak killed 34, most of them women and children. The attack again brought Pakistan and India to the brink of war. Like the Arab-Israeli conflict, the conflict over Kashmir remains unresolved. And like the Arab-Israeli conflict, it is the source, and perhaps the key, to peace in regions far greater than the territory in dispute.

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The Cold War Essay - 1029 Words

When one hears the common phrase, â€Å"The only good commie is a dead one,† the Cold War comes to mind. This war, cold because of no direct violence towards each country, was a major contribution to future wartime diplomacy. The clever Americans used many tactics to create a â€Å"cold† war that would benefit them in every aspect. The fear of communism consuming smaller countries exaggerated the possibility that America’s economy could be jeopardized. Politicians also helped guarantee anti-communist principles in the United States. Imitating the government, the media and other political figures helped create a frenzy of fear. The United States was more to blame for the Cold War than the Soviet Union. After World War II, the French, the†¦show more content†¦Ã¢â‚¬Å"According to the domino theory, if the United States declined to fight †¦ , other countries would lose their faith in America’s will (or their fear of American power) and wo uld tumble one after the other like ‘dominoes’ into the Soviet camp† (The American Pageant, 881). This illustrates how the United States wanted to fight to protect their economy, and to globalize it. Communism, an disease in the Soviet Camp, posed an economic threat to the United States because it would take away the globalization of trade. The United States established themselves as the anticommunist patrol through the Truman Doctrine, who combated the spread of communism by influencing and improving the economy of countries who were swaying towards communism. This economic aid was a disguise for America imposing capitalistic values. The United States chose to fight what they saw as a harmful threat, provoking the start of the Cold War. Politicians had an important role in creating half-truths that painted the communists a deeper, and darker red color. This ideology was greatly influenced by the principles outlined by George F. Kennan, a diplomat and Soviet specialist. After much research, Kennan showed that the Soviet Union was prone to expansion. Kennan believed that the United States could prevent the Soviet Union from expanding if they â€Å"contained† them and used force as a last resort (The American Pageant, 869). â€Å"The American overreaction to itsShow MoreRelatedThe War Of The Cold War1644 Words   |  7 PagesThe Cold War was a state of political and military tension stemming from World War II fought primarily between the United States and the Soviet Union. Although the start and end dates of the Cold War are frequently disputed over, it is generally accepted that the conflict started at the conclusion of the Second World War and stemmed from the social climate and lingering tensions in Euro pe and the increasing power struggles between the Soviet Union and the United States. Along with economic separationRead MoreThe War Of The Cold War Essay1525 Words   |  7 PagesOne major war ended and another to begin. The Cold war lasted about 45 years. There were no direct military campaigns between the United States and Soviet Union. However, billions of dollars and millions of lives were lost. The United States emerged as the greatest power from World War 2. (Give Me Liberty 896) The country boasted about having the most powerful navy and air force. The United states accounted for about half of the world’s manufacturing capacity, which it alone created the atomic bombRead MoreThe War Of The Cold War757 Words   |  4 PagesAs tensions continued to augment profoundly throughout the latter half of the Cold War period, they brought forth a movement from a previous bipolar conflicting course, to one of a more multipolar nature. These tensions were now not only restricted to the Soviet Union and United states, but amongst multiple other nations of the globe. It became a general consensus that a notion of ‘peace’ was sought globally, hence, the emergence of dà ©tente. The nature of this idea in the short term conveyed itselfRead MoreThe War Of The Cold War961 Words   |  4 Pages1945, beginning year of the Cold War. The development of cold war just started after the end of world War ||. The cold war was the result of conflict between two powerful country Soviet Union and United State. The war was regarding to the lead the world after the World War ||. The Soviet Union wanted to emerge its power to the world and so do the United States too. The research paper mainly focused on various reasons of opposition of two great power of the world Soviets and United States of AmericaRead MoreThe War Of The Cold War1636 Words   |  7 PagesThe U.S. learned greatly after having been declared the victor of the Cold War. Retired four-star U.S. Ar my general Colin Powell said, â€Å"The long bitter years of the Cold War are over. America and her allies have won; totally, decisively, and overwhelmingly† (Reed 343). The Cold War started after World War II in 1947 and ended in 1991. The U.S. underwent a political war with the Soviet Union in hopes of advancing more rapidly in certain fields, such as nuclear weapons and space crafts. Avoiding nuclearRead MoreThe War Of The Cold War886 Words   |  4 Pagesin an infamous battle against ideologies: The Cold War. Even though war took place during this time, both powers were not involved in battle directly, hence the name cold war. The war mainly consisted of assumed and implied threats of nuclear attacks and political control over states in Europe. Even before 1945, the beginning of the Cold War, tension brewed between the U.S and the U.S.S.R. Both sides had differing views on Europe s state after the war. For instance, programs like the Marshall PlanRead MoreThe War Of The Cold War Essay1075 Words   |  5 PagesDuring World War II, the United States, Britain, and Russia all worked together to take down Hitler. Although after the war, the coordination between the U.S. and Russia became extremely tense which inevitably lead to the Cold War. The U.S. was worried that Russia would spread communism after World War II. Russia was concerned with the U.S. arms increase and intervention in international affairs. The distrust between the two nations resulted in the Cold war which lasted until 1991. In 1946, WinstonRead MoreThe War Of The Cold War1052 Words   |  5 PagesThe Cold War was a result of what happened at the end of World War 2. At the end of World War 2, the Soviets held a grudge against the U.S for their delayed entrance in the World War resulting in deaths of thousands of Russians resulting in the appearance of the Cold War .The Cuban Missile Crisis was a significant flashpoint in the Cold War because it was the moment two superpowers came closest to nuclear conflict. This crisis, while posing the very real threat of global annihilation, also led toRead MoreThe War Of The Cold War942 Words   |  4 PagesFeelings Do Matter At the close of World War Two in 1945, the United States entered another kind of war, the Cold War, which did not involve two adversaries in open battle fields using bullets against the Soviet Union. Throughout the Cold War, incidents fueled feelings of anxiety, mistrust and pride. Often pride is defined as â€Å"a feeling that you are more important or better than other people† (Pride). Mistrust on the other hand is the â€Å"feeling that someone is not honest and cannot be trusted†,Read MoreThe War Of The Cold War1737 Words   |  7 Pages Cold War The Cold War, which is often dated from 1945 to 1989, was a constant state of political and military tension between powers in the West, dominated by the United States with NATO among its allies, and powers in the East, dominated by the Soviet Union along with the Warsaw Pact. The development of Nuclear Weapons and long range shooting missiles by the United States gave a lot of fear and caused mass destruction. The Cold War came about after World War II when America used their atomic bombs

Reading Response Abel’s Island Free Essays

Chessman, this Is my reading response on Babel’s Island, It Is a Newbury Honor book by William Stein, a short, sweet, enjoyable story. This book have 117 pages, I love this book so much that I spend only one day to finish the whole book. This book Is about a little mouse, Babel’s adventure story on the Island, he encountered many problems, but also learned many meaningful things, and he became a better person after he finally returned home. We will write a custom essay sample on Reading Response Abel’s Island or any similar topic only for you Order Now I love all the things In this kook, all the exciting adventures of Able, all the lovely Illustrations, and all the beautiful writing by William Steel, he use all the most beautiful words In the world and created an island in the dream. I believe no matter what age you are at, anyone who have a heart that contains dream will love this sweet story by William Stein. – Summary: Able, the elegant mouse live in the Impossible is enjoying a picnic in the forest with his wife Amanda, but they are interrupted by a fierce rainstorm and are forced to take shelter in a cave nearby. There is already many animals in the cave, so Able and Amanda must stand on the edge. A hard wind blows up Manta’s scarf, Able bravely lump down and try to reach the scarf, he did reach it but the wind blows up Able into a river and he is swept downstream until he is stranded on an island. Able attempts to escape the island several times the day after the storm, even though he haven’t do any work at Impossible. He build a wood ship, but failed two times for crossing the river, then he decide to make a bridge, he first made of piled up stone, and he tried o build a straw bridge, but both of them didn’t work out. And finally realizes that he must survive on the island by himself. He finds a log and makes it his home in the winter. To ease his loneliness since he is the only animal that have wisdom on the Island, he creates his family out of clay and talks to them. Able also found a book called [Sons and Daughters] and a big pocket watch left by some big civilized creatures, these things give Able more fun and let him believe there will be some veiled animals to visits again and save him. In the harsh winter, Able has to live through the hardest times, including battling an owl, stores the food, and live under the darkness in the log. But everything became better when the spring comes, the owl Is gone, and another stranded volt from the river, a frog named Grower, comes and became best friends with Able. The had some really good times In the spring. Later, Grower leaves when the water of the river became warmer and promising that he will send for help when he gets back home. However, due to Grower’s lack of memory, Able didn’t receive any help after weeks passed. Able then decides to swim against the fierce river after the water level has dropped sufficiently, he think If he didn’t go this time, maybe he will waited to next year again. Then Able swim across to Impossible. Able go back to his house, his wife Amanda haven’t return, Able changed his best clothing and papered Manta’s scarf, he will have many, many stories to tell her! – Connections: In the book, I read that How to cite Reading Response Abel’s Island, Papers

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Lab Report Impulse and Momentum Essay Example

Lab Report: Impulse and Momentum Paper Background: Momentum is a measure of inertia and can be defined by mass in motion ( Stan brought ,) anything with mass that is moving has momentum. Mo momentum can be calculated with p=mass x velocity, there fore momentum is dependent on both mass and velocity. Momentum is similar to energy in that both are always conserved, but energy ha s multiple forms and has to be in the right situation to be conserved. M momentum transferred is the integral of force over time, whereas kinetic c energy transferred is the integral of the force over distance. If the Orca is constant, then momentum is force multiplied by time, and energy is force multiplied by distance(physics classroom. ) Both can be applied d to a car crash, the momentum before impact is equal to after impact , and the EKE before the impact is equal to PEe+EKE+heat during impact. Because F x t=m x delta v, impulse is the change in momentum. Force and time are related to each other during in a collision through delta v/ t therefore the shorter the time the greater the force and vice versa. This is why cars have air bags and crunch on impact: slow the impact time down the reform the body feels less force equaling less injuries. We will write a custom essay sample on Lab Report: Impulse and Momentum specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Lab Report: Impulse and Momentum specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Lab Report: Impulse and Momentum specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer For an elastic collision n the force vs.. Time graph would look nearly to a concave down parabola, who areas an inelastic string graph would have a sharp pinnacle similar to an absolute value graph. Implementation theorem can be derived from Newtons Second Law: F=ma delta Wet mat=NV(f)NV(i) Fine=p(f)p(i) Impulse= delta p Results: String Graph Initial velocity was taken from the negative linear line on the position vs.. Time and lined up with the amplitude on the velocity vs.. Time graph because this is where t e car was accelerating due to gravity. This was taken to find the change in evolve itty later used in change in momentum. Final velocity was found in the average of the flat line just after initial velocity because this is where the car was stretching the string. The average force was calculated around the pi nacelle in the force vs.. Time graph, used later in impel SE. The time was calculated by taking If stop time Vi start time also used later for the change in momentum. Graph of elastic material showing the longer time and less force Trial If (m/s) Vi (m/s) Delta V (m/s) Avgas. F (N) Delta t (s) String 1 . 5748 . 718 1. 2928 6. 803 2 . 2854 . 4267 . 7121 5. 376 . 11 Elastic 1 . 7512 . 9856 1. 7169 2. 437 . 4 4823 . 8781 1. 3604 2. 304 . 2 Each column was calculated by the stats button o n the computer for later use to find the impulse. Trail Impulse (NSA) Delta p (m delta v) Impulse integral (NSA) . 6803 1. 272 . 680 . 5914 . 7007 . 592 . 9748 1 . 739 . 975 . 9677 1. 339 . 967 The impulse and impulse integral were nearly identical both cal elated with force times change in time. This proves there mus t be a systematic error in the change of momentum because the numbers consistently higher and not randomly lower and higher. Discussion: The experiment done did not display implementation theorem, change in momentum was much higher than either impulses. The mass is presumed t o be weighed correctly at . Keg leaving only velocity to be wrong ,therefore the e discrepancy must of been caused by miscalculation in velocity. The miscall calculation may have been caused by the averaged slopes on the graph to be mi splayed giving the wrong average, motion sensor not being placed correctly or zeroed correctly. This could of happened by placing the motion sensor too close. To attain the correct change in velocity we can set impulse equal to . 984 times velocity. The correct change in velocity should be . 68031. 984 for string 1 which is . Mm/s. The correct change in velocity for elastic 1 should be . 991 m/s. In this situation the velocity should always be . 016% greater than the impulse. The impulse integral is the best way to calculate impulse because the come utter is always more exact. Using the other impulse and the data points we c elected were averages, therefore not 100% accurate, whereas the computer wouldnt round those numbers givin g a better answer. Although it may b the best way to calculate impulse, all three if tested correctly should be roughly the same answers so any method is valid.

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Injection molding essays

Injection molding essays Injection molding is a process used to form products from plastic. The process requires a mold, clamping component, injection unit, and some sort of plastic. As time has advanced so has injection molding by developing new techniques and new products to aid in the manufacturing of the injection molded parts. Injection molding was used as early as the 1860s. It can be used to form many different products. Whether the products are small, large, complex, or simple they can be produced. Injection molding has derived from metal die casting. However, the polymer cant just be poured into a mold, it has to be forced into the mold cavity. The polymer is forced into the mold and pressure is held on it to avoid shrinkage in the mold cavity as it cools. Injection molding is capable of producing a large number of parts with very high precision. All thermoplastics except polytetraflouroethylene (PTFE), polyamides, and some aromatic polyesters can be used by the injection molding machine. Some thermosetting plastics can also be used. The typical fabrication process can be done by one of two different types of injection molding equipment. Either a plunger, or reciprocating screw type machine can be used. The process starts by melting the polymer resin. Once the resin is melted, a mold is placed in the clamping unit. The clamping unit is to hold the mold together. The plunger or reciprocating screw then force the polymer resin into the mold. In the plunger operated machine, the plunger is hydraulically operated. This forces the plastic through a heated area, where it is then spread into a thin layer by the torpedo. Then the melt comes to the nozzle and is injected into the mold. The reciprocating screw rotates, this moves the polymer resin forward for injection. As the screw rotates it acts to melt, mix, and pump the polymer to prepare it for injection. The reciprocating ...

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Four Things I Learned While Writing Crime Fiction

Four Things I Learned While Writing Crime Fiction Four Things I Learned While Writing Crime Fiction After a tour in Iraq, which had him conducting security for EOD missions, supply runs, and anything else the military asked of him,  Zack Klika got out and went to college at The University of Texas Dallas. He graduated in 2010 with a B.S. in Finance. It was around this time he decided that writing was what he really wanted to do, not numbers. In this article, he talks about the four biggest pieces of advice he learned about writing crime fiction by working with professional editors. My new novel, Blood On The Bridge, is about three very different people banding together to figure out who murdered a female soldier. And much like the characters in my book, I teamed up with two amazing editors, Will Anderson, my developmental editor, and Mary Beth Constant, my copy editor, to get my novel in tip top shape. Writing a novel is no easy task. I outlined for a month and then wrote the first draft in two, at which point I knew I needed to get professionals involved. Will had so many great comments and suggestions about my manuscript that it energized me when the time came to dive back in for a rewrite. Mary Beth spotted a great many inconsistencies in my story’s timeline and overall story arc. Without her, the novel would have come off as amateurish. They both returned my edits before the due date we had agreed upon as well, which made me feel even more confident in the Reedsy platform.Here is some of the advice I picked up during the writing and editing process, regarding creating a great thriller novel.1) Embrace the tropesThere is absolutely nothing wrong with feeling like your mystery or thriller rings similar to a lot of other crime fiction. However, there are ways to make your scene feel more original than it really is. The best piece of craft advice I ever received actually was n’t related to writing. It was given to me during an improv class. My instructor told the group to throw away the first three ideas that popped into our heads when we walked onto the stage to perform a scene. And it always worked. It forces your imagination to scramble for something that wasn’t already there. And when you’re faced with no way out, you will find a way out. It’s how a lot of writers write: they paint themselves into a corner and then find a way out. When you're writing genre fiction, don't be afraid to embrace the tropes There is a scene in my novel where one of the main characters is knocked out and thrown into the trunk of a car. He wakes up in the trunk and realizes he is being driven to his death bed. So, what can he do when his kidnappers open the trunk? Fight or flight? Those are two options. He could also beg. Those were really the only three options I could think of. Later, when I was laying in bed trying to sleep, a fourth option came to me: he could play possum. And I’m sure I’m not the only one to ever write about a character playing possum in the trunk of a car on the way to his literal death bed. But regardless of how used of a trope it is, it was the option that absolutely fit my character best and not just the first thing I could think of.Don’t forget to rely on your developmental editor as a source for great ideas, too, which leads me to the next part...2) Run with your editor’s adviceSeriously. Take their ideas, advice, and feedback and run with it. Theyâ €™ve probably read a lot more crime fiction than you ever will so they are the perfect person to tell you how to make your book better.Authors tend to get tunnel vision while they’re working on their manuscript. Try your best not to be upset if your developmental editor tells you he or she doesn’t feel like a scene works in its current state. The main job of that editor is to critique your work. If they’re great editors, like mine were, they’ll throw out a ideas to improve the scene. Think about those ideas and use them as you see fit. The thriller-writing lessons I learned by working professionals editors I knew something was missing from my book when I submitted it to Will. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but Will found it right away: I needed another red herring in my story. There wasn’t enough going on in the second act to sustain it through to the end. One of the ideas Will gave me was perfect and right in front of my eyes the whole time. I ran with it. And it ended up making my story all the more enjoyable. And you want to be entertained by your novel.Want to learn more about cozy crime fiction - and get some recommended titles while you're at it? Check out this  comprehensive guide to cozy mysteries.3) Use your sensesIf you’re not entertained by your crime fiction, your reader won’t be either. I write mysteries and thrillers because I have a passion to entertain and I’ve always been entertained by a good crime story. Remember that your thriller or mystery is being told to someone, and they need to be brought into your make believe world. The best way to do that is through "show, don't tell" and by incorporating all five senses into your writing: sight, sound, smell, taste, touch.After a first or second draft, I’ll go through my manuscript and see which of the five senses are lacking. Sight and sound get used the most in a lot of writing, which is perfectly fine. But smell, taste, and touch can be your sleuth’s/detective’s best friend and can make or break a case. Did your detective get a whiff of cologne off the murdered woman found in her apartment? Did he later smell that same cologne while interviewing a suspect? A great exercise I like to do is to write out a few ways a killer can be caught based off one of those three senses. It’s not easy, but that just means your story will be all the better for it. My next piece of advice will make your story better too. The four best pieces of advice I learned while writing crime fiction 4) Keep your action scenes loose and free-flowingDon’t get too bogged down in being so precise with the details that your reader can’t fill in some blanks for themselves and immerse themselves in the story. If you’re writing within the realm of reality it may be a good idea to keep your fights on the shorter side as well, to build suspense. Real fights are nothing like boxing matches. Real fights are messy. Real fights are usually wrapped up within a few minutes. And real fighters fight dirty. Remember that. Your fighters don’t abide by any rules. They will do whatever they have to do to win a fight.Please share your thoughts, experiences, or any questions for Zack Klika in the comments below! And if you'd like to learn more about querying a thriller to an agent, head here.Blood on the Bridge is available in paperback and on Amazon Kindle!

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Immigration in the United States Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Immigration in the United States - Essay Example Through out the world people strive to maintain and higher their standards of living and thus America being an attractive country for standards is a ideal place for people to immigrate to. These illegal immigrants are both beneficial and harmful to the United States of America. This article would further discuss the topic of illegal immigration in the United States of America. Neighboring countries of Mexico and Cuba have mainly created the wave of illegal immigration currently prevailing in the United States. These illegal immigrants have a great effect on the internal structure of the country and also have an effect on the economy of the country. People immigrating to the United States have a basic reason of maintaining their living standards or get united with their families currently living there (Dudley, 2002). Illegal immigrants have yet not been allowed by the government of United States to live and work on the land with their consent. This is mainly because of the damages caused by these immigrants through out the country. The immigrants currently living on the land of United States is increasing rapidly and is making the situation alarming for the authorities. The population of the whole country is increasing day by day and thus the problems in the country are increasing. Illegal immigrants have a direct impact on the employment rate of the Nativ e Americans. This is because of the cheap labor provided by these illegal immigrants to the employer. And naturally due to the cheap labor provided by these illegal immigrants they are preferred by the employers. It is estimated that these immigrants have dislocated 730,000 jobs in this process (Hazen & Lane, 1998). On the other hand these illegal immigrants add up to the already congested traffic in the United States of America. The required formalities before driving are not met by these illegal immigrants and thus these illegal immigrants are involved in more fatal accidents on the road. These illegal immigrants not only break the rules of the state but also destroy the image of the state. However on the other hand these illegal immigrants have been of a great benefit to the whole economy of the United States. The jobs done by the illegal immigrants through out United States are solely done by them and are not done by any other Native American. These illegal immigrants are specia lly being called upon by employers so that they can work on particular jobs which can only be done by them. This helps to fill the requirements of the United States in terms of labor. Similarly it is also commonly said that the illegal immigrants are not openly paying taxes to the government and are therefore affecting the whole economy of the United States. However with the help of a massive research campaign it was found out the illegal immigrants are paying taxes in accordance to the states policy. Illegal immigrants helped to make $428 dollars to the states gross domestic product in the year of 2006 (Newman, 2006). This shows that even without the documents these illegal immigrants are partially paying the taxes of the state. It is shown through extensive research that immigrants play a vital role in stabilizing the economy of the United States (Flash, 1965). They also play a varying role in different work fields and bring both skilled and unskilled labor to